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HOME Welcome.
  Facilitate Effort So that the effort remains a PLEASURE over days and miles.
Itineraries Suggested itineraries
  Our Cyclo-Hiking Cyclo-hinkings realized.
Switzerland Cycling in Switzerland - National Itineraries.
Guiding Different ways to guide yourself on a bike tour.
  Construct To build its cyclo-tours (Documentations, maps etc…).
Routing - Track - Route Routing - Track - Route - Conversions
VELOMAP Create your ROUTE, your Itinerary anywhere in the world with VELOMAP
3D Route Builder Get the profile along your ROUTE with 3D Route Builder.
GPX-Viewer View your Route on your Smartphone with GPX-Viewer.
Equipments Equipments for Cyclo-hiking
  Bike What type of bike for cyclo-hiking.
Be heard To be heard… especially from cars and trucks.
Push-back Push the cars back to the correct distance..
Shield-oneself To be heard… especially from cars and trucks.
Transport Luggages transport.
Trailer Trailer.
GPS To orientate yourself like a good migratory bird.
Drink To drink very regularly and easily.
Camping The camping in comfort mode.
Electric Energy Electric Energy and camping.
Paradises… Paradises (and others!) for cyclo-hiking
Preparatiions… Preparations before travel.
Health Health and bike.
Sitemap This page.
Contact For contact us.


Update 03/23/2016
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